Save on Prescriptions & Up to $70 in Over the Counter #Pfizer

Save up to $70 on your Over the Counter Needs

Printed Coupons include:

Save $4 on Advil Cold & Sinus
Save $10 when you buy 2 Advil products
Save $4 on Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels
Save $5 on Caltrate
Save $4 on Centrum
Save $4 on Centrum Gummies
Save $4 on Advil Liqui-Gels
Save $3 when you buy 3 Chapstick products
Save $4 on Children’s Advil
Save $4 on Emergen-C Immune+
Save $4 on Robax
Save $4 on Robitussin
Save $4 on Robitussin Complete
Save $4 on Robax Heat Wraps and
Save $4 on Advil 12 hour

Visit here to Print your Money Saving Coupons **Most libraries can print for 25 cents per page

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