Save THOUSANDS $$$$$ Shopping for your Family #Save #ShopCanada

New to coupons and waiting to save money? There are lots of different ways and while it does take a bit of time to learn the ins and outs of how to maximize your savings; it is so so worth it. I can say without hesitation I have  saved over $100 000 over the years. This includes grocery’s, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, clothing, toys, and everyday bills.

As I result of these learned skills I have been able to help all of my children diaper their children up to 9 months including wipes with very little cost. It was not just coupons; it included using sales, coupons, cash back options and points programs.

Before you yell out, there are only coupons for junk food. That is not true and just think if you paid next to nothing for your cleaning supplies, baby items, personal hygiene items, all that money saved on those you can spend that on the items you cannot find coupons for 🙂

Here are some great places to start to get you going:

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