Saving Money doesn’t mean compromising Quality! #RoyalCanin #GlobalPetFoods #AirMiles

Saving Money doesn’t mean compromising Quality!

globalroyalcaninI went to my local Global Pet Foods today to pick up grub for my babies 🙂 While in there a lady said to me; “Aren’t you the coupon lady? Why are you buying such expensive food if that’s the case?”

That is a popular mis conceptions. Many people belive that if your like to save money and use coupons that means your cheap; Not cheap… Smart!

We have five dogs; all toy size, largest one weights a whooping 8 lbs. A bag of Royal Canin that I feed the dogs is approx $23.99 and I would pay more (shhhhhhhhhh) Our dogs eat very little as the dog food is not made of fillers and meets their nutritional needs thus not leaving them hungry. Our dogs have NEVER been sick; only times to the vet are for routine check ups and boosters. We have bread small dogs and our litters and mother have been healthy all live births. The new puppies have always weaned themselves often licking the food before their eyes are even open! When our dogs eat human food (I know don’t feed them human food) they want lettuce, tomatoes and love apples!  Have a look at the ingredients on your dogs food if your purchase at the local grocery store and tell me if you would eat it?

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There are frequently coupons for Royal Canin on their Facebook page, dog shows, pet store events and even contests. Not only that Global pet foods has a great Buy 10 bags get one free & Air Miles. Today I purchased one, used my bogo coupon to get the 2nd one free and I had enough to redeem for the Global Pets food program to get a 3rd Free!  Plus Air Miles! Now the babies are good for the next 3 months 🙂 Cost with taxes out of pocket $30 ! MUCH cheaper than a vet bill for a sick dog 🙂

Saving money does not need you to compromise on quality 🙂

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