Saving Money ! Where you can Actually Make a Difference on YOUR Budget……. Accessing Your Actual Needs!

the beginningSaving Money ! Where you can Actually Make a Difference on YOUR Budget……. Accessing Your Actual Needs!


When it comes to saving money many people are all talk and no action!! Those who take no action have a number of “reasonable explanations” on why :

  • No Time
  • Can’t find them
  • Not worth the time
  • No coupons for what I need
  • I don’t have a credit card
  • I don’t have a car
  • I’m not computer smart
  • I don’t have a printer
  • I always forget them

I could go on and on however I bet even those of you; sitting her on a savings blog; that are looking to save have also used or thought of one of those few options above πŸ™‚


In an ideal world you could find every coupon and every deal whenever you want it. That’s not how life works! Therefore we need to live within the rules that are around πŸ™‚


If you ask everyone what their biggest expense is outside of mortgage/rent/housing MOST people will say Groceries! If you ask people what they want to save money on most…………the answer will be groceries……..

Since every item in the grocery store does not have a coupon; ironically our favorite can’t live without product is ALWAYS the one; it’s very easy to justify saying, “There are not coupons for the things I Actually Use”…… It’s true and not true! There are LOTS of coupons for products you USE. For the products that Coupons do not exists for you can eliminate other costs to make up for the fact That ONE item does not have a coupon! There are now cash back apps too that not only can you use coupons in store, use your points or rewards card AND than scan your receipt and claim cash back!!

You probably won’t find many coupons for fruits and veggies however what you can do is use the coupon to get other items free or next too free (eg the money I don’t need to spend on the items below I use towards fruits & Vegges) Many of the cash back apps often have cash back offers for fruits & veggies and although some times they may only be 25 cents. 4 X 25 cents is $1. I LOVE saving dollars πŸ™‚


Here are a list of items that I can say with confidence that you:

  • Need

  • Frequently on Sale

  • Plentiful coupons

  • Deals + coupons + Cash Back Apps you can quite often get these items for $1 or under all the way to FREE!! Items bold I most frequently get free!

  1. Toothbrushes
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Mouthwash
  4. Air Freshener – various options
  5. Dish Detergent
  6. Hand Soap
  7. Bar Soap
  8. Shampoo
  9. Conditioner
  10. Body Wash
  11. Body Soap
  12. Shave Gel
  13. Deodorant
  14. Hair Styling Products
  15. Garbage Bags
  16. Ziploc Bags
  17. Kleenex
  18. Paper Towel
  19. Body Lotion
  20. Vitamins
  21. Tylenol (including children’s)
  22. Scrubbing Bubbles
  23. Toilet Duck
  24. Resolve (Laundry stain remover)
  25. Green Works
  26. Fantastic
  27. Baby wipes
  28. Toilet Paper
  29. Hand cream
  30. Band Aids


Just about every coupon you need for the items above you can get at one of the Handful of Coupon Networks we have in Canada! Even if you work crazy hours and shifts and everything else. Spending 10 minutes once a week quickly going through these networks click hereΒ 

Even with that little time a week to order them; they mail them to you…….how simple is that? If you have extra time explore the full blog Click here for the home page:)

Regardless of how much time you have or how much you want to save the very first step it to figure out your actual needs!! how can you look for coupons or savings or try to trim your budget if you don’t know what you need; no wonder you can’t figure out how to trim that budget!

Stockpiling items and how to is a question that gets asked over and over. You can’t even begin to stockpile until you know what you should stockpile!

You don’t need to do it all at one but make a list of items you need so that you have a starting points for the next savings step!


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