See How Easy Getting Cash Back on Groceries is!! #Checkout 51 Makes it Super Easy!! Cha Ching!

IMG_7772 (427x640)Last week I did an overview on this AMAZING CASH BACK APP! Click Here if you missed it!

Here is another Step by Step to show you just how Easy it is!

I went to the Superstore and I spent $90; one of the items I purchased was the Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream, I used a $1 coupon in store !

When I got home, I scanned my receipt and claimed my $1 Cash Back! Here are the steps I took! You know it’s all done and complete when you get the email from them! I took a picture of that too! If you haven’t signed up yet Click Here (It’s Free – They pay YOU)

IMG_7773 (427x640)IMG_7774 (427x640)IMG_7775 (427x640)IMG_7776 (427x640)IMG_7777 (427x640)IMG_7806[1]

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