See how to Redeem Points & Earn 20 X the Points in Same Transactions! Great Example of Different Way to Get the Best Deal for You! Shoppers Drug Mart

954613_521481534583845_516783760_n (640x632) (2)Timing of Buying 🙂

The difference making a larger purchase from one day to another can be significant especially at stores that have bonus programs for points, miles, etc.

This laptop was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart today. Today they had 20 X the Points! I picked up one 🙂 I have a great receipt to show you Just how much of a difference 20X events makes and how you can benefit !  Even better is an amazing fan purchased the same lap top however she choose to use some points to make it cheaper and still reaped the benefits of the 20 X Event; she sent us a picture of her receipt too so that we can show you how to make the most of the promotions depending on your needs 🙂


  • PointsReward Value
  • 8,000$ 10
  • 22,000$ 30
  • 38,000$ 60
  • 50,000$ 85
  • 95,000$ 170

Example #1 .

I purchased just the laptop, since I spent over $40 I qualified for 20 X the Points!

If this was just a regular day without the 20 X promotions I would have only made 2990 Points (Click the receipt below to make it bigger) However it was 20 X the points , I scored the regular 2990 Points PLUS 56 810 Points for a total of 58000 Points (Approx $100 In FREE STUFF)

SDMRECEIPT1SDMRECEIPT2Example #2 on the Right!

This fan used some points & Gained points on the same transaction! How is that possible?

  • She redeemed 95 000 Points to save $170 off the price!!! She still would need to pay $130 Out of pocket for the laptop!
  • Since she was still required to pay $130 towards the laptop and that amount is OVER $40 She would still receive 20 X the Points on the $130 remaining balance 🙂
  • Therefore even thought she paid $130 out of pocket she gained approx $30 Value back in points!!!





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