See how your #Coupons can Provide #Breakfast for Kids When School is back in :)

breakfastBreakfast is one of the most important meals of the day! Yet many children go without it. While scooping up deals this summer and coupons 🙂 Please pick up one or more of these items and put it aside until September and drop it off at the closest school to your home. If everyone of us did this; Just ONE item. This includes those who do not have children, breakfast could be provided for every child at school at no cost. Yes schools do get some support in this area but not nearly enough These items you should be able to get for $1 or less with coupons. ONE item can make a huge difference!


  • Chex
  • Regular Cherrios
  • Multigrain Cherrios
  • Mini Wheats


  • Juice Packs
  • Single serve soy milk
  • Bottles of Water


  • Snack size baggies
  • cereal bars (no nuts!!)
  • Popcorn
  • Cheese & Crackers Handi Snacks
  • Cheese strings or cheese (Freeze it – they do too)
  • Plain Crackers
  • Fruit Cups (preference in water)
  • Any other snack type item that is “peanut free” “healthy”

Schools are in also HUGE need for Kleenex!!!

— Many people do not realize how much of their own money teachers put into their classrooms for their students for rewards, art projects, etc. If you have any buttons, left over craft supplies, yarn, stickers, etc that you won’t use. Consider your local daycare, preschool, school, church Sunday school. etc 🙂 —



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