See WHY you are Missing Important Newsletters, Coupons and Promotions in Your Email! Don’t Miss out!

newsletter  CHECK YOUR EMAIL Don’t Miss Newsletters !!!

Tired of running to your email to see if you got that Amazing Coupon or offer that your friends did? Only to be disappointed 🙁

Have you signed up for Great things such as Shoppers Optimum VIB emails or updates, newsletter updates for your favorite products or services and wonder why you never get them??


It’s your EMAIL! 95 % sure if your not getting them you are using your email from your internet provider and THEY DECIDE what is SPAM and what is NOT…… Regardless of what YOU decided to sign up for!. I have called the internet providers and have listened to their “talk around in circle answer until they frustrate you and you hang up” routine many times. It’s NOT them they CLAIM! SOoooo

I signed up for various Newsletters, offers, etc from 3 Email address (all different)

I received 100% of my emails that I signed up for at my Gmail account

I received 95% of my emails that I signed up for at my account

I received approx 25% of my emails that I signed up for at my internet provider email address.

I had a few friends do the same thing as they had different Internet providers; all over the country.

There experience was very similiar however a few received up to 50% of what they wanted with their internet provider email address

Something to Consider if you don’t want to miss out !

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