Shelf Clearing? Stocking Up, How do you feel about it??

shelshelfShelf Clearning??

Very often in coupon groups you see someone post their AMAZING SHOP of TONS of stuff costing next to nothing!

The post quickly turns into 2 groups of people. The cheerleaders who are excited about the shop and wish they could do it. Than you have the “other group” that “ATTACK” and blame the shopper for being a hoarder, causing issues at the store, causing stricter coupon rules and the comments go on and on.

The store DOES NOT loose money on coupons.

Coupons are very profitable for stores, in some cases their handling fee is upwards of 30% so a $1 coupon is worth $1.30 to the store.

The larger “volume” of product a store orders the cheaper they get it. If they are buying 10 cases of paper towel a week they may pay one price but if they are buying 1000; they are getting it cheaper.

The lower a stores costs are the higher the profits. The higher the profits the more jobs that are required and the job that people have at those stores are more secure. The more people with paying jobs the stronger a community.


A stores goal is to SELL their product; they do not care if it is to one person or 2000 people. The majority of retails have an initial order with supplies for their weekly flier however they also get in another order prior to the sale ending. Rain checks are also an option. As the old saying goes; the early bird gets the worm.

Not that long ago I purchased like 40 packages of toilet tissue; after sale, coupons, etc I paid very little and some attacked, asking why I ‘NEEDED’ that much.  This is how I see it; our house uses toilet tissue today, we will tomorrow and the next day and the day after, we will use it, I would rather take the money I saved off it and use it for something else.


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