Shop at The Childrens Place ? Never get “Out of Stock” Message or Pay for Shipping !!

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Are you like me and get all excited for The Children’s Places HUGE discounts & sales only to find the cutest thing for you to get that silly message “Out of stock”

You make a grunt sound, scroll down find something else, repeat! The picture I am using Thankfully were NOT out of stock 🙂 I’m just using that picture as an example.

Here is what you need to be successful if you want those in demand items at those low low prices in the sizes you want!

  • Every Monday is Free Shipping (other days may end up being free shipping too but Monday is guaranteed)
  • Set up your Children’s Place account if you don’t have one
  • Pick out all the items you want in all the sizes and put them in your shopping cart, save your order.
  • As soon as it is Monday (Toronto Time) which is 1 AM in Nova Scotia go in and place your order to get your free shipping and get your order in.
  • Orders are filled in first come first serve basis!
  • When I woke up Monday morning for fun I went to check these same items and they were showing out of stock for the sizes I wanted; I was so glad I placed the order that night.

Now some people may think its nuts to stay up that late but really? I saved $75.88! Footwear for 3 kids for less than what it would be for one. If there were other things the girls all needed imagine what I could have purchased for $100?? So now you know the secret to ensuring things are “IN STOCK”

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