Shoppers Drug Mart App is on it’s Way!! #ShoppersDrugMart #App

SDMShoppers Drug Mart App is on it’s Way!!


We all knew it was coming at some point didn’t we? We knew Superstore/Shoppers Drug Mart were merging right?

We have been getting use to the PC Plus card and points program at Super Store but what would the Shoppers App look like?

Right now as we speak, staff members at Shoppers Drug Mart are getting to test this app!! What should we expect?? This is what one of the staffers who are testing it out had to say 🙂

Very similar to superstore one, you download new offers & will finally be able to scan your phone for your card & offers. No more paper!! Staff are testing it out, I received 7 offers, one of which was Life Brand dental flossers, 1000 points!!

What is your thoughts? Do you think this new app will be better? Will you miss the paper options??

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  1. I will not miss the paper at all. One of my biggest frustrations with Shoppers is that they want you to print out the offers even when you can simply show them to the cashier on your phone. Very inconvenient for a busy mom of 3. I love the PC Plus program, so hoping it is right in line with that model.

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