Shoppers Drug Mart/ Loblaws Merger! Store Owners had NO idea!!! #ShoppersDrugMart #CouponNannie

good griedShoppers Drug Mart/ Loblaws Merger!

As much as I love Shoppers Drug Mart. I must say I am more than disappointed in regards to how this information was released. It has sent many customers, employees and even store owners into a tail spin of questions!

What FLOORS me is that Employees, Store Mangers & Store Owners learned about the Merger THE SAME WAY WE DID!! Social Media & TV!!  That is Sooooooooooooo Not right!

Please do not bombard customer service with questions.  They don’t know the answers either. When more information is available it will be released. The shareholders etc still need to vote and approve the merger in September ! DON”T PANIC!!

The words it the Optimum Program is here to stay so you can breath some relief!

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