Shoppers Voice ~ URGENT UPDATE ~ Pre warning – You won’t be happy :(

WOWI recently sent Shoppers Voice an email as rumor was there is a new survey. Yes there is a new survey but what else I found out will TOTALLY Disappoint you 🙁

Thank you for contacting us. We value your input. We conduct many surveys and panels to gather consumer opinion.

As of 2013; we regret to inform you that we are no longer mailing coupon packets but do provide savings online.

Occasionally, you will receive online coupons to be used at your discretion. The offers will vary based on your response to the consumer survey. Not all consumers receive the same offers. Our partner companies may offer various incentives for participating in selected panels.

You can share the benefits of Shopper’s Voice membership with your family and friends. Let them speak their minds and get rewarded too! Tell them about our most recent survey at


Shopper’s Voice Member Care



  1. I wonder if that’s where I received my FREE Purex Coupon from; it came in a plain envelope with my address typed on it. Nothing else in the envie besides the coupon.

  2. I used to do those Shoppers Voice surveys to get the high price coupons that would be spent out! Oh well, that is one less survey(s) I will be doing from now…..

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