Shopping Etiquette ~ What you should know for a pleasant experience for all #ShoppingEtiquette


Shopping Etiquette

When I was younger, like many I worked in customer service types jobs and the “rules” the employees set out were very strict on what was expected of us and that has apparently gone out the window now. The truth can be said about the customers, now they are can be beyond rude to the cashiers and very rude to other shoppers. I felt I needed to write some of my pet peeves down and perhaps they would be something you could relate to or something we could share and make others think twice about their behaviours.

Parking Lots

  • Parking lots are not a place to drive like there is a race; especially the place between the parking lot and the store. SLOW DOWN!
  • Do not park in the fire lane, I do not care if you are in there for 3 seconds. If an ambulance or fire truck comes they need that spot for quick access. If you are picking someone up elderly; you can park somewhere else and when you see them coming drive up to pick them up.
  • Handicap spots are for handicapped people; be mindful; just because someone does not have a wheel chair does not mean they are not handicapped.
  • Customer with child spots are indented for those who are extremely pregnant or those with small children in small carriers; they are not intended for children who can walk and larger kids. It is not intended if there are several adults and a child. It is designed to help those who have back issues from being pregnant or other medical issues and especially for those mothers who had C-sections or need to carry in a baby carrier so they do not need to walk a long distance.
  • Put your carts in the cart area, carts can cause significant damaged to a vehicle. I’m sure you would not want one to damage your car and it only takes a few seconds.
  • Drive Thru – You do not need to leave 3 – 4 car lengths between cars. Popular places will have cars out on the main roads waiting which could case accidents. You do not need to be on their bumper but lets be mindful of others behind us.


  • Do not go down the middle of the aisle, pick a side as there are other people that shopping too and if you are in the middle of the aisle, everyone else needs to wait for you and no one can go on either side of you.
  • Chit Chat – If you see a friend and want to chat, please both of you pull to one side, the same side if possible as it is hard to squeeze in between and no one needs the dirty looks that seem to get shot at you for saying excuse me and go between the chatters.
  • Strap you kids in the carts – Your child can get a serious head injury if they fall and it will not be the stores fault. I saw a women today that was no where near close enough to the cart to catch her daughter should she fall and this child under the age of 2 was standing up in the short part of the cart.
  • Do not let your children run throughout the store. Not only could your children get hurt, they could knock things over and it is very dangerous to other shoppers, especially seniors.
  • Do not stop at the very end of the aisle, please turn around the corner and than look to get out of the way of others.
  • Pay attention to prices. If there are items that “clearance” “this store only” “managers special” or even flyer sales items. If you have your phone with you, take a picture as very often they will ring up wrong and you will get them free due to SCOP ; I got two this week for a total of $20.
  • Put things back . If part way during your trip if you decide you don’t want something, especially cold products or frozen products as if not prices will go even higher.

Approaching the Cash

  • Have your rewards cards, phone applications, bags and coupons ready
  • Know your policies in regards to coupons and bags, some places give you a discount back of extra points for using your on bags, just like some places charge for bags.
  • Do not argue with the cashier, they do not make the rules, they are just doing their job, if you have a question or concern ask for the supervisor.
  • Do not complain to the cashier about the prices, the lines or anything else that is out of their control, they did not set them nor do they have any control.
  • Do not take your bad day out on the cashier; they work 40 hours a week, on their feet dealing with cranky customers all day long; most get paid minimum wage and that is not near enough to deal with drama.
  • Remember if you were overcharged, the cashier cannot fix it; you need customer service.


  • Coupons do not come out of your pay, it only takes a few minutes to know your policies and keep your customers happy.
  • Focus on your customer – If other employees are trying to talk to you when you are dealing with your customer simply tell them you will talk to them when you are done with your customer.
  • Do not interrupt your co workers when they are working, if you want to know when breaks are, what they are doing this weekend, how their weekend was; ask when customers are not around. It is rude and not good customer service. Just because you do not want to provide good service does not mean your co worker does not want to provide great service.
  • Do not be offended if a customer asks for a supervisor.
  • Do not take things personally; there are jerks everywhere, do not let it bother you.

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