Similac Welcomes Your little one with up to $160 in samples & coupons #Baby

Similac Welcome pack is up to an approximately $160 value.

Simlac Welcome Package could include:
Free Samples for Babies
Similac Coupons & Rebate Checks
Similac Starter Pack
**Offer varies

Our only boy out of six children, Zack, is waiting for his first son to be born and our only grandson any time now. I mean as I write this I could get a text saying “Mom” and as I found this offer for them and posted it for you I began to reflect back on Similac and for myself, it was the choice I made with him over 20 years ago. To be honest I cannot remember if there were other options, but I remember getting a welcome kit. The welcome box was a nice gender neutral yellow with green, the box was primarily yellow. I believe there was a pair of slippers, primarily green and I am thinking a corduroy material (they were great slippers, well made, stayed on well), there was also a nice quality bib, a large can of powdered Similac, other samples of things but I cannot remember now. ~ Funny how these come back to you ~ Oh and back than if you were having a baby, you called someone on a phone………….. attached to a wall.

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