Simple Tips to Help You Save on Your Vacation! #Vacation #Save

Saving VacationSimple Tips to Help You Save on Your Vacation!

Whether you are planning a trip to another country, to another province or a day trip, spending a bit of time researching online can save you a TON!

If your on Facebook (who isn’t lol) or other social media, post and ask if there are any discounts or deals that locals many know about that you don’t. Check Kijjii, or other online Facebook groups where you may find deals or discount coupons for much less or sometimes free!!

I know it’s one thing to say look around, etc but it can be totally different to see a live example!

I live in Truro, Nova Scotia (where the circle is) our plan is to go to PEI (the north part of the island – Cavendish), we are going to take the Ferry from Caribou to PEI and than drive to Cavendish, Sandspit the kids want to go to and to the beach, We have a hotel for the night, the next day we would be taking the bridge from PEI to New Brunswick (Green) to go to Magnetic Hill Zoo in the morning and Magic Mountain in the afternoon; than drive from Dieppe NB back to Truro! We need gas and food too! How do we make this little trip not cost a fortune? Let me show you!You need to divide into categories !



  • When you travel to PEI, you do not need to pay to get on the island but you need to pay to get off the island. There are 2 options, the ferry ($70) or the bridge ($45.50)  For that reason we will go over to PEI on the ferry that leaves from Nova Scotia and come back over the bridge into New Brunswick  {Save $24.50}
  • Gas – After research, Nova Scotia has the highest cost for gas, New Brunswick is the next lowest and PEI is the lowest – We will only put enough gas in the car to get over to PEI, once we get to PEI we will fill up, before we leave PEI we will top up the gas tank and again in New Brunswick. It’s been calculated and it will save us approx $25


  • Sandspit Amusement Park $102.50 – 5% if I buy online saving $5.21 = $97.29 BUT I put on my Facebook Status for any of my friends in PEI to hook me up if they know about any discounts, etc – I have a friend looking threw their coupon books 🙂
  • Cavendish Beach – 3 minutes from hotel
  • Magnetic Zoo – $44 for Family
  • Magic Mountain – I saw someone else do this on their status (Thanks for the idea Amy lol) so I thought I would try a post in a local buy/sell/giveaway to see if anyone had any BOGO coupons (I know locally here every year various organizations sell peelie cards that have BOGO coupons) Within 3 minutes I had a response and scored 2 BOGO coupons at no cost bringing our $71 it was going to cost us for Magic Mountain down to $31 {Savings of $40}
  • Our hotel also has a heated outside pool, large playground, view of water !


  • Eat first breakfast at home
  • Snacks – Taking snacks with us upon kids request
  • Lunch – Will eat at Sandspit
  • Snack – Taking snacks with us upon kids request
  • Supper – There are BBQ’s & tools at our hotel for use; the kids want to BBQ
  • Bedtime Snack – campfire with marsh mellows
  • Breakfast – Complimentary Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Snack – Taking snacks with us upon kids request
  • Lunch – Local Fast Food Place
  • Snack – Taking snacks with us upon kids request
  • Supper – Family Restaurant

When traveling, snacks and drinks can add up extremely quickly especially in tourist areas. There is 5 of us!  Having breakfast included, taking our own snacks, BBQing , etc it’s easily a $150 Savings



  • We are staying in hotel, that includes breakfast, has a pool, playground, etc (Always ask about discounts when you call – many places offer various discounts if you just ask. We also got a better room when we told them the ages of our children. We saved approx $40  


Total Savings so far! $284.71


What other ways can you think of to reduce your vacations ??

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  1. I called about a trip in August where we are staying near Sussex.. I got the CAA discount which took $12 off our room a night.. kids are staying with my mom. we can drive the 10 minutes to get to her and pick up any snacks we need for day trips either there or from the walmart in town (just across the highway from the hotel)

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