Snap by Groupon ~ Getting Cash Back from Your Everyday Needs ~

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Snap by Groupon

~ Getting Cash Back from Your Everyday Needs ~

Snap by Groupon

SnapbyGroupon (formally referred to as Snapsaves) is a great Shopping App.

Each week simply check out the offers you can get cash back for; when you purchase them at the store simply take a picture of your receipt with your phone and claim your offer.

Snap by Groupon has both offers that stay from week to week and others that pop up from day to day. It’s always great to check your app before you go shopping to see what options are available! Each week I try to post any offers that will be coming up that week! The best part about Snap by Groupon is that many offers you can claim more than one! If you buy 10 bags of Huggies and the offer is for $1 Cash Back you get $10 back!!!

Recently they introduced Bundles which gives you even more options to save. What are Bundles? If they have a cash back offer for Huggies for $1 and an offer for $1 for wipes; look as they may have a Bundle offers which means if you buy both you get back $3!!

Personally I have earned $503.50 since I started!!

If you have kids in diapers or toddlers in pull ups! You will LOVE this app!!

Answers to most frequently asked questions:

  • The payout is $20 by check!
  • Snap by Groupon is available in both Canada & The USA
  • If you do cross boarder shopping; items purchased in the US must be claimed on the US version of the app & you must have a US address for you check to be mailed to. Items in Canada must be claimed on the Canadian version of the app and you must have a Canadian mailing address.
  • You may use coupons in the grocery store and than claim cash back on the app; doing so many occasionally allow you to get an item for free.
  • If you see the offer such as Huggies on another app for cash back you CAN claim it on both apps!
  • SnapSaves is supported by IOS (iPhone,iPad, iPod) & Android Devices and online!
  • They are on Twitter!! Tweet them
  • They are on Facebook! (Who isn’t eh) Say Hello right here!!
  • Did you know they give away $100 a week JUST for posting a picture of your check you received! I won once!! Read the details on how to enter!!
  • You also earn $1 for each new friend you refer to Snap by Groupon.
  • You can click here for FREE to sign up!!!





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