Sobey’s Atlantic Coupon Policies -November 26 -2013

Sobey’s Atlantic Coupon Policies -November 26 -2013

I always try to email the Regional Offices on a frequent basis to double check policies (sometimes their websites aren’t always updated)  Below are the coupon policies for Sobeys Atlantic! (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island)

Scroll down to get the PDF version (That means you can print it or even save it on your phone for quick reference)



sobeysSent: 11/26/2013 9:02:13 AM


Thank you for writing.

Our coupon policy is as follows:

We accept original coupons for products we sell, providing the coupon is intact and legible, proper size of item is purchased, coupon has not expired, has a coupon offer code or UPC, and it contains a Canadian redemption address. We accept one coupon per item. Coupon amount may not exceed purchase price of item.

Internet coupons may be accepted  if they meet the above and the following criteria:
• There must be a picture of the product on the coupon.
• The printed coupon must not be blurry.
• The face value of the coupon cannot exceed $5.00 off.
• We do not accept free product internet coupons.
• The expiry date should not exceed 6 weeks from the day it was printed.  All internet coupons will have an expiry date visible.
• The coupon must have a Canadian redemption address.
• The coupon must have only one UPC (i.e. bar code).
• The coupon must say “INTERNET COUPON” to be legitimate.

In regards to BOGO items, a coupon may be accepted for the item purchased but not for the free item.

Coupon acceptance is at the discretion of store management.


Customer Care, Sobeys Atlantic

Click Here for PDF/Printable/Phone Version That you can save 🙂


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