Sobey’s Atlantic Coupon Policy – Could there be a misunderstanding in regards to Bogo Sales and Coupons?

sobeysWe have all seen the other posts in regards to the changes in Sobeys Coupon Policies and people upset that they can’t be used on BOGO sales, etc..

Today I was at Sobeys 🙂 As per normal a supervisor is required when there is over $20 in coupons for an override; When the supervisor came over she asked if I heard about the change to the coupon policy. I asked oh what were the changes? She indicated the only changes were in regards to Internet Coupons. HUH? What changes? Prior Sobeys would only take internet coupons with a value not to exceed $5 however it has since been changed and now they accept internet coupons up to $10!!!

The supervisor was telling the cashier I was Coupon Nannie and the got a Coupon Nannie business card so they can find us 🙂 Anyways…….. at least at this Sobeys here says the wording of the coupon policy was changed due to people arguing that if you have 2 products you can use 2 coupons. These disagreements were over Bogo deals etc.

Most of us have Always Realized If Tide is on sale for $5 & they Have BOGO on……. so you get 2 Tide and Pay $5 you can use ONE coupon on the item you PURCHASED! You CANNOT use a coupon on the Free one as your already getting it for free! They do not give overage.

Same situation if they have a sale for Tide that you pay $5 and you get the 2nd one for 1/2 price of $2.50 …. you CAN use a coupon on the first items but you CANNOT use a coupon on the 1/2 price item (as that item is discounted which is a promotion and you cannot combine a coupon with another offer)

Due to the wording of the coupon policy that said in one place you can use one coupon per item there were people that were arguing that point in regards to using a coupon on the “Free Item” or the item that was already 1/2 price due to the promotion. Only the wording was changed to stop those who are greedy.

The way our local Sobeys understands the policy changes is this:

Internet coupons are valid up to $10 NOW

You CAN use a coupon on the Item you are buying but NOT on the free one during BOGO sales

You can use a coupon on the item you are buying for full price but NOT the one that’s 1/2 price due due to the Buy 1 Get 1 @ 1/2 Price Sale!

Email sent to Head office 🙂

Want to have an even quicker Check out??

These tips will make the checkout smoother and quicker for everyone!

  1. Circle the Expiry Date on the Coupon.
  2. Circle the Mail to Address on the Coupon.
  3. If it is a Free Product Coupon that Includes the Tax please UNDERLINE those words!
  4. If you are purchasing items at Sobeys and have more than $20 in Coupons give the cashier advance notice (their limit is $20 than they need a supervisor for an override) but telling them in advance they can call a supervisor which can make wait times much quicker!
  5. Place the Coupons ON TOP OF EACH PRODUCT. This way the cashier can quickly see the coupon matches the product and your order will go much smoother!

Following these simple steps above will help everyone have a much more effort



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