Sobeys Mini Trip and Good Example on Why Watching Deals Can Save!

SobeysSobeys Mini Trip and Good Example on Why Watching Deals Can Save!

Today I didn’t need lots of things however I did notice Sobeys had some great deals and I had some coupons so why not ! My stepdaughter Becca also wanted to learn the art of couponing too and I thought this might be a good time as we were not get alot of different items.

First one my list was the Majesta Bathroom Tissue Regular $6.99 on sale for $2.99 and I had $1 coupons from making it only $1.99 ~ {Toilet paper is one of those things that if your single or have a family you are going to use it so why not grab a few} I had 9 coupons so I purchase 9 packages!

Softsoap is $2.89 there but was on 50% off. I had 3 coupons for the antibacterial ones. (Good teaching opp to ensure the coupon matches the product) so at 50% off they were $1.44 – $1 coupon so $0.44 I had 3 coupons so we grabbed 3 and it didn’t take long for Becca to realize that 3 was much less than 1 at regular price with change left!!

Et Tu Ceaser kits were on sale for 2/$4 and I had $0.50 (You find them in the box  valid until June 2015) so we grabbed 2 for $3 🙂 PLUS Checkout 51 has $1 Cash back so we paid $0.50 for one and $1.50 for the other 🙂 ~ these are great kids in a pinch ~

Le Clerc bars have become Devyn’s favorite (Damn Easter Bunny teaching her about chocolate) These are regular $2.99 at Sobeys on sale for $1.64 and I had $0.75 from the box 🙂 Making them $0.89 EACH !!

It was a great learning experience for Becca and I think we have someone new on the coupon savings train 🙂

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