Sorting out the Terms :) In Store Shopping Vs Online Shopping!

In Store Shopping Vs Online Shopping!

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. They can give you a wider selection at a much lower price. If figuring out how to search and get around on the internet isn’t enough. Online shopping comes complete with it’s own vocabulary and slang and jargon which can make understand online shopping become more difficult ! Sometimes once you learn the language the rest is soooooooooo simple πŸ™‚


The left we have the mall; a mall is a large building filled with many different types of stores & boutiques that are all owned and operated by different businesses & people. The “mall” simply houses the stores. On the right we have eBates an online cash back shopping portal. eBates is a website that has links to many different types of stores & business that are owned by different people πŸ™‚ “eBates” simply keeps all the discounts in one place!

Think of them in the same way they are just an easy way for you to find all the store in one place; only eBates will give you CASH BACK! That’s the only difference.

At the mall you can find the department store Sears, when shopping at that store you can use Cash, Debit or Credit Card those are your options. If you have an issue with Sears you deal with Sears not the mall. At eBates you can find the department store Sears, when shopping at Sears onlineΒ  you can use credit and often bill is COD (Cash on Delivery),if you have an issue you take it up with Sears; the only difference is that eBates will send you a check quarterly on any purchases you made at Sears by visiting eBates first!

Don’t you wish when you shopped at the mall a few months later the mall send you a check πŸ™‚ Wishful thinking however we can do that online πŸ™‚


Coupons, E Coupons, Coupon Codes

couponecoupons On the left is a traditional coupon; to redeem this coupon you take it to the store and you get cash off your purchase. On the right is the term e-coupon also referred to as coupon code; it is a series of letters and/or numbers this series of letters and numbers when placed in the section called “Coupon codes and or promotions” at Checkout when online shopping takes case off your purchase just like instore; the only difference is that you are inputting the coupon number instead of the cashier. The are the same thing; one is in store and one is online πŸ™‚

Gift Cards & E Gift Cards

gift cardegift cardGift cards are plastic card with a pre paid amount on the card; you can use it at the retailer specified until you use up the funds. An e gift card is simply a gift card that is delivered via email with a number, this number must be inputted into your account for that store in the checkout where it says redeem gift card (e gift cards work the same as gift cards offline)



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