Spend Your Points Event! What you Should Know! #Spendyourpoints #ShoppersdrugMart

What you Should Know

Saturday is the day for the Holiday Spend Your Points Event that everyone has been waiting for!

50 000 Points is worth $100

95 000 Points is worth $200


Information you should be aware before you go:

  • Redemption amounts do not include tax or bottle deposits! For example if you are redeeming 95 000 points your subtotal of product MUST be $200 BEFORE tax! You will be required to pay the taxes!
  • You can use coupons! If you buy $250 in items and have $50 in Coupons, you are able to redeem $200 worth of points..
  • Any amounts over the redemption amount you WILL earn points. If you buy $250 worth of items and redeem $200 in points you will earn points on the $50.
  • You DO earn bonus points on items. An example if there is an offer for 2000 points when you buy 2 bottles of Pantene. You would earn those points!
  • They will NOT be accepting any Returns the day of the Mega redemption.
  • Big ticket items such as cameras will be limited to one per person. They will have limited of these and this allows everyone to have a chance to get one.
  • Big tickets items such as printers, cameras, video game systems that appear in the flyer will not be put out until Saturday morning.
  • You cannot redeem points for gift cards.

Happy Shopping!!


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