Spending Less


Spending less is something we all need to do but it’s not as easy as it sounds! Often people belive that spending less means buying less or sacrificing quality however that’s not the case! There are tons of great ways to drastically reduce the amount of money your spending; even for things you think are “locked” in and can’t be changed!

Spending less money doesn’t make you cheap, it doesn’t mean you need to use toilet paper that is like sandpaper nor does it mean you need to spend hours of your time figuring it out!

Here are a few ways to spend less out of your pocket:

  • Use Flyers, Price Match & Only buy when on sale
  • Use coupons both in store & online
  • Take advantage of freebies, samples & trials
  • Discount Shopping, Shop pre & post season, Better Places to Shop
  • Change payment dates to reduce interest, mortgages, payments, loans
  • Reduce late fees, reduce service charges, don’t pay shipping or delivery charges
  • Reduce your expenses & utilities by only paying for the ones you use & getting long time customer discounts.
  • Receive discounts at multiple places, on multiple services just for knowing what to ask
  • Take advantage of product promotions
  • Review products and spend less
  • Complete online surveys to earn cash, gift cards and free stuff for the products you use
  • Collect all Cash Back, Mail in Rebates and Bonus Promotions
  • Get the most from your loyalty and discount cards!
  • Make your groceries go further
  • Get cash back just for shopping


Spending less strangely enough means more for you and your family; not less!

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