You always have lots of thoughts and lots to say! You talk about what you like and what you don’t like! Wouldn’t you love to have a direct line to the companies to give them a piece of you mind sometimes or ask “WHAT where you thinking!!”

Great News!! You as a consumer can try out products before they hit the shelves, give input on package design, have your voice heard on promotions! You can test drive new products & services and get REWARDED!! Cash, Gift Cards, Free Stuff, Free Services are all benefits you can receive for speaking your mind!!

These opportunities are a great way to add a little extra to your budget! You won’t get rich doing surveys however you can decrease that gap between debits and credits !

What you should know:

  • Always answer the questions truthfully & honestly – Even if it’s an opinion you don’t think they will like –  They want to know!
  • Never assume what they are looking for! Never guess what you think they may want!
  • Surprises – I can’t tell you how many surveys I have done and part way though found out I was getting a chance to try out new stuff!
  • Time & Amounts – I have received many surveys that said it was only valid for a giveaway entry only to find out at the end it was worth $10!
  • Never pay to received information on survey sites or to get access to “exclusive” lists! You should never need to pay to get free information!
  • You won’t get rich but you can certainly add some extra to your budget!

Personally I belong to many different survey sites as you never know when they may have surveys! Completing surveys and providing feedback has added upwards of $200 to our family budget monthly plus little extras (like free stuff to try)

Here are tips to get the MOST of the Programs!!! CLICK HERE

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