Standby Electricity is increasing your electric bill!!

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stanbyStandby Electricity is increasing your electric bill!!


Living in Nova Scotia  I frequently check Efficiency Nova Scotia website and Facebook page to look for electric tips, rebates, etc. Today I found a great one and was quite shocked to see how much energy consumption is wasted when items are on standby!

Here is an example of exactly what I found on their Facebook page today and it’s well worth looking at to see how much you can save and gives you an amazing idea of what you should be unplugging tonight!!

Standby power is electricity used when appliances are off or in standby mode. Did you know a digital cable box, in standby mode 24 hours a day, can cost $20 per year while your laptop costs $11? We’ve created a Standby Power Checklist to determine how much electricity your appliances are using. You may be surprised at the biggest culprits! -Amanda


Here is a second one worth checking out ~ as you yell to your teenager reminding them to UNPLUG their game system tonight!!

If you’re an avid gamer, check out this article on the energy use of popular gaming systems. You might be surprised to learn how much energy they can use! But don’t worry, they’ve provided a list of things you can do to cut down their energy use. -Kevin


These 2 pieces of information alone can shave lots of your electric bill! Where are you going to start your shaving at??

These are just resources from the Nova Scotia Efficiency website; if you have resources in your province to share please put them in comments! It doesn’t matter where we live this information can be used anywhere!

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