Start Early Grown your Own – Great project for Kids! #GiantTiger #NonGMO

Giant Tiger VeggieStart Early Grown your Own – Great project for Kids!

As I look out my window, I still see snow on the ground, the kids are outside playing with snow pant on and all I can think about is the spring & summer and a wonderful garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I dropped into my favorite saving store today, Giant Tiger, to pick up a few flyer items and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pumped to see these kits being put up on the shelf by staff!

I got a Mini Greenhouse Kids that will allow the kids to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots ($7.00)

Braylee LOVES her berries so when I saw the Healthy Fruit option kits for Strawberry/Raspberry & Blackberry/Blueberry I knew I had to pick up one of each for her.  ($6.00 for each kit)

The Italian Kitchen has Large Tomato, Small tomatoes & basil ($8.00)

The trio herbs for, basil, oregano & chives ($6.00)

All of the kits are GMO Free which is amazing!

These kits are an amazing away to get some Fresh herbs, fruits and veggies. They are affordable so they are great to do with your children. It’s a great opportunity to teach your children where food comes from, how you can grown your own food as well as all the responsibilities that come with a garden such as watering. Kids will enjoy helping and learning, as well as tasting the fruits of their labour so to speak.


I know how you could get a couple of these kits for free?? Enter our giveaway to win a $20 Giant Tiger Gift Card

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