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strongandkindStrong and Kind

A beautiful book by Korie Robertson with her mother Chrys Howard and stories from Willie Robertson. If these names sound familiar, you may recognize them from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty!

Have you ever wondered if reality shows such as Duck Dynasty were scripted or if the people were real? After reading this book Strong and Kind; you will know, what you see on TV is real. This family is really as strong and kind as they appear!.

This is a wonderfully written book that talks to the core of raising a family with good values. It has real life pictures of their family and some great stories.

This 24 chapter, 213 page book; is one of those books, once you began to read, you want to continue to read. I had to chuckle in the Acknowledgements “A big thank-you to Phil and Miss Kay. You welcomed me into the family even though my cooking skills are still not quite up to the Robertson standard”

I love how the book is divided into three parts, how there are checklists to see if you are over protective but also to give you the confidence you need to knowing your doing an amazing job!


This is a great video I grabbed off Youtube so you can hear from Korie herself on her reason for the book!

If you don’t want to wait to see if you win a copy of the book, you can grab a copy of amazon! It’s a purchase I can guarantee you will not regret! Our friends at FlyByPromotions want to give one lucky Coupon Nannie fan a chance to win this book!

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  1. I love everything about Duck Dynasty. I think that Si is hilarious <3 My husband is allowed to keep his beard long in honour of the Duck Dynasty clan.

  2. I love that they sit together as a family at the end of each show. I remember family gatherings as a child that were like that. Unfortunately things are very different now, families have feuds and then stop talking and forgiving each other….everything is stressful and there is a definitely lack of love…it is really quite sad. I want my kids to be connected with their extended family but, in such a busy world it seems almost impossible.

  3. I love the whole clan…The jokes they play on each other is funny and the way the whole clan gets along..Think Jase is sexy as hell 🙂

  4. I love how close the family is and how much they value each other. In each and every episode they proof how love can conquer everything . They are also amazing parents that lead with great examples.

  5. I love the show because there is not to many show you can sit as a family and watch but this one we can sit and watch for hours.

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