SUPER Cool :) Up to 51% off Dashboard Camera – Only $59 or Only $49 with Telus Credit! Great Christmas Present!! #Wagjag #Telus #Camera

dashcamOnly $59 or Only $49 with Telus Credit!

The coolest gadgets enable people to communicate from miles away, shoot extremely irate animated birds and reach the 18th floor of a building without having to brave the stairs. Technology continues to enhance your experience with today’s WagJags from Expert Island:

  • $59 for an SD dashboard camera with 480p video quality (a $120 value)
  • $79 for an HD dashboard camera with 720p video quality (a $150 value)

Whether you’re looking to record your drive or simply hoping for great Youtube footage, this dashboard camera qualifies as a helpful way to film your road adventures or protect yourself in the case of an accident. The camera faces forward and captures a driver’s-eye view of the road while you ride to work, home or any other destination. The camera’s ability to capture while you drive means you’ll have a record of what goes on in front of you, including any accidents and any information that would come in handy when following up with insurance investigators or police. This single lens camera comes in SD or HD form, providing 480p and 720p video quality respectively.


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