Super Store Storm Deals! These Carts of Deals get me EVERY TIME!

IMG_0781 IMG_0786 IMG_0783 IMG_0782Super Store Storm Deals!

Once the staff at the Superstore got over the shock that I was shopping without coupons they started to understand  when they realized my method lol

Here are just some of the carts of clearance items they had! Not to mention all the 30 – 50 percent off stickers throughout the store!

IMG_0791There was another package of Smoked Salmon however SOMEONE {cough Roy} ate it when I went into the store after this one lol !

  • 3 Chapmans Lolly
  • Delissio Pizza
  • 2 Pack of Smoke Salmon (This is regular $6.99 a package! Love 30 percent off stickers)
  • PC Naan Pizza
  • Sunrise Shaved Ham
  • Sunrise Shaved Chicken
  • Mac Salad
  • Shoes (Ty wanted them)
  • Dole Itl Salad
  • Hersey Nuts
  • 2 M&M Peanuts
  • Brown Sugar Sugar Cubes
  • Neilson Dark Buds
  • Kinder Bueno
  • Jolly Ranchers

$48.55 it cost me 🙂 Paid with my PC Master Card to get POINTS 🙂

[sam id=”17″ codes=”true”]

  • 2 Hubba Bubba Gum

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