SuperStore National Coupon & Price Matching Policy!!

atl_superstoreSuperStore National Coupon & Price Matching Policy!!


One thing I have always done even before I was blogging was check any stores webpage for Coupon Policies, Price Matching Policies, etc. I also would send them an email 2 times a year asking about the policies in case something changed that didn’t make it to the website yet!

Recently I saw a few people online I know have troubles with a few coupons at Super Store and there has always been questions from store to store on price matching; I decided it was time to email Super Store!

I WAS SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED!!! I copied and pasted the response back and saved it in PDF so that it is both printable and you can save it easily

Click here to See  

I copy and pasted directly from the email. I bolded one line and turned fonts red in one place! I don’t know about you however I will be printing this off and taking it to my store on the next visit!!


[sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]





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