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Take a Journey with Us ~ “Under the Sea” ~ @MyFunvelope #Win

**I received the January “Under the Sea” MyFUNveope to review and express my honest opinion based on our own experiences; all opinions expressed are our own **


We received January “Under the Sea” themed envelope and I knew the kids would be excited. We have a hobby farm so we often get to explore above the ground animals but under the sea was going to be a new exciting adventure for us. My three year old was too excited and wanted to wait for her five year old sister to come home from school so they could share in the fun. Once the envelop was open it was clear it was not just going to be something quick to complete. The myFUNvelope was packed full of multiple activities that would take hours to complete. We have 4 hours of play into it so far.



The first thing I noted was the fact that it comes with everything you need. There is no need to get part way into an activity and realized you do not have something. This kit come complete with markers and scissors. It was our first myFUNvelope so we received our complementary pencil case to keep all our tools in. The brightly coloured green waterproof envelope arrived and inside were all the supplies wrapped in tissue paper closed with a sticker.




The activities in the “Under the Sea” myFUNvelope included materials for:

  • Under The Sea Necklace
  • Scuba Mask
  • Under the Sea Photo Frame
  • Rainbow Scratch Shark
  • STEM/SENSORY Water Beads
  • Under the Sea Popsicle Stick Puppets
  • Learn to Draw a fish



The very first activity they were drawn to were the beads. They had never seen the beads before so that was something that excited them. We looked at how small they were and the did not believe there was any way they were going to grow; after all they were not alive. We placed the in a glass you could see into and put them aside to see what would happen later when we checked on them. Devyn and Braylee than looked at all the options and they both opted for items that involved the markers. Braylee who is 3 wanted to start to colour the Scuba Mask while Devyn opted to start colouring the Dolphin for the stick puppets. They spent almost an hour on this activity. I offered Braylee, the magic wand and she began to scratch the rainbow shark and they got extremely excited to see all the different colours.


Devyn wanted to put necklace together and was going to use the ABBA pattern she learned in school with yellow being A and B being blue, however being so proud of her accomplishment she grabbed one end and all the beads fell off and she was instantly upset so mother grabbed up the beads and quickly fixed it all and sister Braylee was all too happy to model it. We decided to have a quick look at the beads in the glass that seem to be growing and put them aside to check on them before bed, as right now it is time to clean up the table for supper. They are hungry after almost 2 hours of creative fun non screen play time.

We still have tons of fun left and I personally find it worth the monthly subscription fee of only $18. The best part about this is that there is no obligation and it is easy to start and stop your subscription. These would make amazing gifts. These would be amazing for road trips as they include all your materials.  They are 100% Canadian!! Check them out here

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One Lucky Coupon Nannie fan will receive your very own MyFUNvelope for your child ages 3-9.

Giveaway Begins on January 28th, 2018 and ends on February 28th, 2018

Open to Canadian Residents who perform the entries as required. All entries will be verified.

Once a winner is notified via email they provide when entering, you will have 72 hours to response otherwise another winner will be chosen.



Remember each month is a different theme. Which month you will receive depends on when the giveaway ends, how quickly the information gets submitted and passed onto the sponsor. The sponsor has cut off dates for each month. Giveaway open to residents of Canada. Contest is being hosted by Coupon Nannie and Coupon Nannie is responsible for choosing the winner after verifying the entities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are in no way responsible for this giveaway in any way.


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