Tasty Rewards has Over $10 in Printable Snack Savings #Savings

Tasty Rewards has some hot printable coupons on your favourite snacks! Kid friendly, school friendly and savings in your pocket.


Current list of savings includes:

Off The Eaten Path™ snacks, Bare™ snacks, Simply snacks, Smartfood® Delight popcorn, Stacy’s® Organic pita chips

Crispy Minis® rice snacks

Quaker® Dipps® granola bars and Chewy® granola bars

Doritos® tortilla chips OR Cheetos® cheese flavoured snacks

Frito-Lay® Variety Pack

Ruffles® potato chips

Quaker® Harvest Crunch®, Life® or Quaker® Squares cereal

Quaker® Instant Oatmeal/Instant Multigrain Hot Cereal/Instant Hot Cereal, Quaker® Steel Cut Quick Cook Oatmeal OR Quaker® Oats

Tostitos® tortilla chips AND Tostitos® salsa/dip

Lay’s® potato chips OR Lay’s Poppables® potato snacks


Quaker® Muffin Mix OR Cookie Mix

Cap’n Crunch® cereal

Print off your savings right here! It’s like printing money! There is over $10 in savings!

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