The Day after Halloween! Have you considered these deals & Options??

hallloweenThe Day after Halloween!

The day following Halloween can be am amazing day for bargains and deals! There are tons of deals you can get and might not even realize the other uses for those items!

Most people know if you have little ones the day after Halloween guarantee’s 1/2 price savings on next years Halloween costume! Did you know you can also Christmas shop? One year my daughter was into the whole princess theme.  The day after Halloween I picked up a princess costume, shoes, tiara and more. I put all the pieces in a box for Xmas! Total cost was approx $4. Ironically I saw a “Princess” dress up clothes in the Sears Wish Book that year with just about the same items on sale for $39.99

I love the bargain cart of assessories ususally under a $1:) I’ve grabbed eye patches, wings, halo’s and more and never paid more than a buck. What do I need with these items? Well I don’t need them but I got a big bag full of stuff for $5 and sent it into school with my daughter for her Drama Club. They LOVE IT! Any daycare, preschool or school with drama club would love it. They often don’t have funds for these items and it’s a great way to support the arts in children!

I LOVE LOVE Chocolate; it’s my weakness. I grab lots of candy after Halloween for various reasons:)

  • I put mini bars in the freezer; if I have a chocolate craving, 2 small bars are still bigger than one regular size bar for the waist 🙂
  • Why do I want to pay over $3 in a month for chocolate chips or other items like that for holiday baking when I can just pull it out of the freezer and cut it up or use a cheese gator on it? Much cheaper!
  • Stocking Stuffer  My sister had a boyfriend once who loved those Nerds candy, Each year at xmas she would complain how much a box of nerd was (esp when your trying to be funny and have a box full) I reminded her and she went out after Halloween and purchased tons of the “treat” size Halloween ones, purchased a HUGE stocking from the dollar store and filled it. It was hilarious on xmas morning!
  • Pick up the Halloween napkins, paper plates, etc and on your child’s next birthday have a Halloween themed party! Would you rather pay 25 cents for napkins or $3.99 later?
  • School Supplies! I know it sounds silly but even the dollar stores puts items in a cart after Halloween. Does it really matter if there is a pumpkin on the pencil that you paid $0.10 for the entire package or if your erasing your mistake with a ghost eraser. In January when they come home from school and announce they need this stuff. you’ll have it on hand! Stickers, Notebooks, even straws! I know Devyn even in November would not complain about an orange pumpkin straw!
  • Candles – When the power goes out I’d rather light a ghost candle I paid 10 cents for than sit in the dark! Same with flashlights!


When you go out and about after Halloween have a look it may surprise you what treasures you can find 🙂


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