The most common issues with Loyalty Programs!

readThe most common issues with Loyalty Programs!

I see it on social media over and over again and some of the people having issues are bloggers and those “saving experts”  that run groups who know EVERYTHING 😉 I watch the posts and the complaints and shake my head as I read through all the sorted details and how awful the store is and blah blah blah and …………guess what the issue was… one read the promotion!!

The most common one I see is with Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons! The often mail them out and even though they may be valid until the end of this month if you READ the coupon it says you won’t receive your points until the end of the NEXT month! If you in fact read the coupon you would see that and know when to expect your points (Tip !  If you use a coupon that you won’t receive your points for a while; write it directly on your receipt so you will know when you expect your points)

Contests! This is a big one! Yes everyone tries to sum it up on posts and scan for all the relevant information however we are human and everyone makes mistakes! Take time and read the rules especially to see if your eligible to enter or if you need to pay a shipping fee or applicable taxes on any prize winnings; depending on where you live rules can be different and it’s good that you make sure you familiarize yourself with them in the event you win to avoid disappointment.

The easiest way to avoid disappointment is take a few moments and read the terms and if your not happy with the terms than don’t spend your time entering, signing up or registering !

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