The Truth About Couponers ~ Myths Exposed ~ #CouponMythsExposed

mythsThe Truth About Couponers ~ Myths Exposed ~

I have been a “couponer” for about 2 years now; what some may call extreme; I have binders with coupons; yep that’s plural, I have a stockpile but what do people who hear that really think.If your a business or a marketer you may want to listen up too. You’re insulting a “gold mine” of potential customers.  I’m sure many of you that do coupon have heard a few of these:)

  1. They are cheap! – Just because coupons are used for every day basic things and we love a good deal doesn’t make us cheap; it makes us smart. I enjoy those more “expensive” items & Brands. I probably have more than those who think I’m cheap lol. I purchased my $600 UGG Boots at a store going out of business for $195. Due to coupons I used on every day things such as groceries, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items during the month; I could easily purchase the boots without putting any financial strain on my family or budget. My preferences for jackets & outwear is Columbia; it always has been and it’s not on the lower scale of prices. I have kept my eyes on deals, price matched and used savings I have from other things I didn’t need to spend money on. I love my CK perfume.  Our household has the Playstation, Xbox, Wii, Kobo, Iphones, Ipads; I bought my car new off the lot. Our kids play sports, go to camps and have an education fund with a good amount to get them started. Our household total debt including recurring monthly bills, credit cards, car payments, loans, etc as of this second is UNDER $5000; we will be 100%debit free before fall. 2 Years ago it was close to $50 000. Are we cheap or smart?
  2. They don’t spend money!Oh yes we do spend money; but for coupons most of us would not have even stepped into your store but for the coupon. A coupon gives you money off  a product but you still need to buy the product. Grab 2 strangers off the street; Give only one a coupon and invite them into your business. Which one bought something? Hmmmmmmmm You may even find that many things you put in the clearance bins you would need to trash and make nothing on but for us couponers helping you clean out your cart!
  3. They hold up lines ! That is just how people who are envious of the money being saved with coupons who say that. If a store thinks that way may I suggested, “We don’t hold up lines ~ WE ARE THE LINES”
  4. Coupons lessen perception of quality of product – I have heard those words (I cleaned it up a bit) from small businesses & huge brands. One really stands out to me, I approached a business asking if they were interested in sponsoring a giveaway; it was for homemade goats milk natural soap I belive; the response I received……. OMG….. they didn’t feel “couponers” were the type of consumers they wanted for their products; they didn’t want to “cheapen’ the “quality” of their product. Why would one of “those” type of people be interested in a bar of soap that is $6.99 when they can get Ivory or something for a nickle at Zellers” NO THANK YOU… IT was every thing in me not to response back !  What I wanted to say is, “Well, since no one on earth (except the  14 fans on your Facebook page) know your product exists, one would think customers REGARDLESS of where they come from would be better than NONE. Perhaps if I had a coupon for $1 off; I might be willing to TRY your soap and if it is as GREAT as you say; I would continue to purchase it. AND I don’t like Ivory I prefer Aveeno and it’s $0.50 after coupons not a NICKLE!! AND AND… most importantly HOW do you think I found your product to start with? I was OBVIOUSLY interested in this type of product or I would not have gone searching for it!
  5. We smash them on social media – Actually we are the best free adverting in the world; when we like something we tell everyone! Not just our neighbors we’re taking the 300 friends on our friends list, our 5000 twitter followers and that thousands of fans in the groups we belong too. You would never hear a negative peep out of us if you would do 2 simple things for us. 1. Put your coupon policies at each cash & make sure your employes read them & 2. Put a copy of SCOP (Scanning Practices) at the cash so they are aware of that policy. PROBLEM SOLVED !
  6. Couponers are Hoarders – Really? How can we be hoarders? We cut our food packaging apart to get the coupons,we bring our own bags we won on Facebook, our flyers and inserts don’t sit in piles ~ that’s cash baby ~ and we don’t keep stuff forever as we know “We have a coupon for that” and can get a new one ! Check out a couponers stockpile sometime; it’s the most organized place in their house I bet 🙂
  7. We Waste/ We are greedy – How many times have you heard that couponers buy things they don’t need and it sits on a shelf in their stockpile collecting dust? While you see many pictures of huge stockpiles there are things you don’t know.Just about every couponer I have spoken with does it: donates! Our selves on our stockpiles sometimes revolve quicker than a grocery stores shelf. What coupons have allowed our house to do? We send in donations to my daughters school for breakfast program, treats for teachers staff room, snacks for the class for a snowy Friday afternoon:) We have been able to give repeatedly to the women’s shelter, out of the cold winter church shelters, Maggie’s Pace (parents resource centre) , Christmas Index, Various animal rescues throughout the province & various Fundraisers in communities! We have been able to help the oldest ensure she didn’t need to worry about pampers and formula for the baby. My youngest sister who recently went back to School (she wants to be a nurse) frequently comes and shops here which has helped her financially while putting herself though school. We are sometimes pet food faeries! There are a number of people who are too proud to ask for help but I’m sure appreciate the food that appears on their steps ! There are multiple fans in this fan base I know that donate weekly to their local food bank, shelter and pet rescues. There are people in this fan base who make book bags for the homeless full of things, book bags of school supplies for kids in need , diaper bags full of baby items, Ensure & Boost for those terminal or ill. There are lots of fans here that due to coupons have been able to help someone in their community for a fundraiser for someone, a friend who just lost their job, a neighbor struggling, a random person behind you in line. Couponers are some of the most giving people I know!


So they next time you hear a myth….educate !

Written in 2014 🙂




  1. well said im only 5 months into couponing and i have help so many already and it feels great thank u for posting this

    1. Hi I’m just getting started in couponing. Do you have some websites you can recommend to get started? Thank gob 🙂

      1. Kristen, Right here 🙂 Check our Coupon 101 section and our coupon network area for LOTS to get you started 🙂

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