Things to remember for Boxing Day ! Save Cash !


Things to remember for Boxing day and the days leading up to the New Year πŸ™‚

registerRegister your items online you received for Christmas, all the gadgets, video games and movies. Why you might ask? You have your product registered in case something happens, many offer and extended free warranty, freebies, coupons andΒ  more!

Disney Movie Rewards

Club Nintendo Rewards

Tassimo When you register your brewer, you’re entering a world of benefits:

  • Activation and easy access of your brewer warranty
  • A coupon for a free T DISC package of your choice in-store
  • Be the first to know when we have latest offers and updates
  • Future opportunities to share your opinion and test new products

HipStreet on Facebook – Free Extended Warranty

Those are just a very few πŸ™‚




30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Take advantage of them. Many stores, such as Canadian Tire have a policy that if you buy an item and it is advertised with a lower price within 30 days they will refund the difference; you simply need to show the receipt!


scop SCOP – If the items rings up at the register at the wrong price up to $10 you get it free; if over $10 you get $10 off! Click here to see more info on SCOP ! With tons of Boxing Day deals going on you’ll be able to score lots of these deals I bet!Β  **Time Saver ** If you have a phone with a camera; take pictures of items on display with the discounted price that you think will probably come up wrong at the cash; that way when it does ring up wrong you can show them the picture on your phone and it saves time waiting for the price check that seems to take forever and a day πŸ™‚

superdealsSuper Deals for Boxing Day!

Items you’ll probably find a rock bottom prices that don’t take lots of room that you will need for the next season:

Cards, wrapping paper, tree ornaments, candy!

Candy & chocolate with holiday themes you can get super super cheap and use at other times.I can eat red & green holiday M&M’s I paid 10 cent for a bag just as easy as multicolored shelled M&M’s in January that are $1.19. When eating the home made chocolate chip cookies you won’t be able to taste the holiday packaging πŸ™‚

Did you know Red is a great color for both Christmas and Valentine’s day πŸ™‚ Will your sweetheart know that those red Hersey Kisses they find on their pillow Valentines day where purchased for a quarter on boxing day opposed to $4.99 in February? Will your baby or grandchild know that the cute stuffed bear was $0.99 on boxing day when you gift it to them on Valentines when the local store now has similar bears on for $9.99 πŸ™‚

Do you think your toddler will care that their sippy cup and plastic bowl has Rudolph the red nose reindeer that was $1 when they are eating their favorite snack out of it ? Or do they really need the $7.99 non holiday cup with their juice?

Which keeps your feet warmer? Socks with Santa that are in the clearance bin for $0.10 or None? I personally have no problem having my kitchen smell like gingerbread cookies anytime nor will I have an issue scooping up scented candles, air fresheners at rock bottom prices. Do I want to pay $1 or $10? hmmmmmmmmm


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