Thinking of Moving out? Have you considered?

moving outLeaving the Nest

I remember the day I moved out of my mother house and was leaving town; I think they were surprised how organized I was. My step father trying to be funny had one of these signs on our fridge and I remember that day (even though it was decades ago) taking a black marker and writing ” TAKEN” across the poster lol

Things have changed sooooooooooooooooooooo much since than and our kids are learning that! Especially this month!! Things are not as simple as they were years ago when it comes to getting a place and moving so here is a list of things you may want to consider; especially for your budget before you get all excited about moving.

  1. Check your tenancy laws and get a copy of them in whichever province you live; its is important to know the laws.
  2. In Nova Scotia you need a damage deposit which cannot exceed 1/2 the months rent and the first months rent. If your rent is $1000 per month you will be required to have $1500 before moving in. If you have pets and pets are allowed you may also be charged an extra amount known as a pet fee (usually not to exceed $250- which is in addition the damage deposit and is to cover any animal related damage). The damage deposit must be deposited into a separate bank account and within 10 days of you moving out; providing there is no damage you will receive the amount of your initial deposit back plus any interest; many people do not realize you do occur interest. Landlords need to provide in writing a detailed list of what they are keeping the deposit for and cannot be for normal wear and tear.
  3. Prior to moving into an address get the mailing address and you can call thee local Power company to get an average of the monthly power bill. This will give you a good idea of your monthly budget. If you have not had power in your name before you may need to pay a deposit which is normally held for a period of one year and than credited to your next bill.
  4. Prior to moving in call any cable/satellite companies and check and see what options or limitations are available for that building. A great example of this are building that have been assigned heritage properties; due to the heritage destination they are not allowed to have any additional wiring, etc.
  5. In many cases renting a U Haul ends up being MUCH cheaper than paying for gas in many of your friends vehicles to help you move 🙂 U Hauls also allow you to move all of your stuff at once and have a ramp which means less lugging and lifting 🙂


These are things you should consider before getting ready to move out on your own to avoid any disappointments .


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