Thoughts on P & G Insert Expiry Dates?

p7gNew P&G Inserts this weekend! I only had a chance to browse through it as mine never came yet and snapped a front picture of them for you earlier.

What I did notice is a large majority of the coupons are the same as last months. Don’t get me wrong P&G is awesome for issuing coupons however their coupon booklets are so glossy and I’m sure pricy. Personally I would rather have one big insert with coupons with longer expiry dates and smaller ones with any new ones coupons they may issue. To me  it seems like a huge waste to reprint coupons that we didn’t have time to use as the short expiry. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for everyone if they had longer expiry dates.


  1. Walmart seems to have the products on sale when the p& g coupons come out but they are the huge sizes where .50 or 1.00 off is no deal

  2. Hate the short expiry dates. Since most stores seem to work on a 6 or 8 weeks rotion in their sales, the coupon expiry might become effective before the next sale rolls around.

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