Tips to keep you on Budget for those Summer Stops!!

Summer Time !

Summer Time is just around the corner and the warmer weather is out and we are out and about. We are taking the kids to the park, outing events and more! There are always canteens and other events that catch the attention of the kids that can cost us money. There are savings tips you can do to reduce costs, especially for those costly gas station stops for “snacks”.


18 bags of chips for $5.99 = $0.33 per bag!! How much are they at the local gas station? or canteen? I bet LOTS more!!


Pepsi 12 cans!! $4.99 is $0.42 per Can!!

If you want something better; I would recommend something that has something that will prevent you from getting dehydrated; which is very important in the hot weather!! On sale for $14.99 so each is $0.63 each! Everyone has their own preference on which they prefer on that drive or at that outing with the kids. Don’t make it take every cent out of your pocket.This way its costing each person only $1 for both their food & drink for a snack opposed to much more!

It may not be the healthiest option however we all know when on the road, those unexpected stops, those summer events all add up and why not be prepared and keep your money in your wallet!!

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