Shoppers Optimum Points 101

Understanding Optimum Points – A Beginners Step by Step – The Basics

Shoppers Optimum Points 101Shoppers Drug Mart

 Understanding Optimum Points- A start 🙂

Learning how to make the most of the Shoppers Optimum Program. You have seen the post on many blogs and Facebook pages of HUGE shops with paying little out of pocket. You gasp and wonder how they manged to do that. Here is a started guide to help you learn the skill of Mastering Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum program for the biggest bang for the buck!

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  1. You need an optimum card; if you don’t have one you can get one easily in store; you do require to show ID and you need to be over 18 to get a card. Each person over 18 is allowed to have one. If there is another adult in the house; even if they never step foot in Shoppers (the other half) get them to get a card. Many offers are limited to one per optimum card and if you have 2 cards you can maximize your points earnings. You can transfer points between card holders.
  2. Ensure you sign up for their newsletters, you can do that by clicking here It is best to use a gmail or hotmail account to ensure you get their newsletters. (I tired with my regular Eastlink email and never received them until I changed it to gmail. They are normally filled with bonus points coupons, alert you to promotions and even have coupons to save money.
  3. Check the Coupon Portal on Shoppers Drug Mart to check for any bonus points coupons. You can find that by clicking here
  4. Check for Promotions on Shoppers Promotions Page found here
  5. Check the VIB Baby Coupons (Secret; the coupons aren’t all for baby products; there are makeup ones, bath products and various non baby things. Click here to see  If you do have a little one; simply purchasing one package of Huggies, one package of Pampers and both wipes will earn you close to 10 000 Optimum Points a month if you use the VIB coupons. In a year thats 120 000 Optimum Points!!
  6. Understand the value of Points – Your not going to be eager to save them until you understand the benefit they will give you. Once you understand that I can almost guarantee it will become your favorite rewards program!! There are many tips & tricks to make those points amounts stack up quickly without spending lots of cash out of your pocket.
  7. Understanding the value of 20 X the Points days– This is one of the key factors that can boost your Optimum Points very quickly without coupons :)Now! VERY OFTEN Shoppers Drug Mart has 20X the Points Events if you spend so much. I spent  $63.96 before tax on a regular day without the promotions and earned only 630 Points. If I had of made this SAME Purchase on a day where it was 20X the Points it would have been 630 Points X 20 = 12 600 Points!  That’s Over $10 IN POINTS!!
  8. Understanding the value of coupons and promotions to bring down that total– 20 X the Points when you spend $50 is a common promotion for Shoppers Drug Mart but who always has $50? The Amazing thing about Shoppers as that $50 mark is Before Coupons!! Example. Pampers are on sale for $10.99; lets say I buy 5 for a cost of $$54.95 plus tax (I have met the requirement of $50 to get 20 X the Points) so I’ll score 10 980 points!! BUT BUT I have money saving coupons for the pampers! Let’s say I have 5 Pamper coupons worth $5 each that would bring my total down to $25 plus tax 🙂 I will still get my points as promotions are always BEFORE they take off the coupons!! (Coupon Policy)

There are other tips & tricks to optimize your Optimum account however this is a great start. You need to able to understand the basics first.

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