Understanding Shoppers Optimum Points ~ 20 X the Points ~ What could it mean to you? #CouponNannie #Optimum #ShoppersDrugMart

optimum1 Shoppers Optimum  Program ~ What’s all the Fuss about? ~

Shoppers Optimum is one of my FAVORITE PROGRAMS!! I get so much FREE STUFF it’s Insane! I have heard many people say they “don’t understand” it well enough to get any benefit from it!


20X Events are an Amazing Way to RACK up Points for FREE STUFF!!

Here is a picture of a receipt for 4 items that total $63.96 before tax; on this purchase I earned only 630 Points 🙁

IMG_7693 (480x640)Now! VERY OFTEN Shoppers Drug Mart has 20X the Points Events if you spend so much. Let’s use $50 as the example. If I had of made this SAME Purchase on a day where it was 20X the Points it would have been 630 Points X 20 = 12 600 Points!  That’s Over $10 IN POINTS!!

Here is Shoppers Rewards Chart!

chartWant even More Secrets to Build Up your Points and bring your price down??

  • YOU CAN USE COUPONS ~ Rewards are based on PRE COUPON (Before the coupon is applied value) If you had 4 Coupons for Pampers worth $5 Each you could STILL Use them, You would STILL get your bonus points and you would pay $20 LESS!! Click here to see the coupon policies and promotion policies.
  • You can also Use Points Coupons and get bonus points but you will not get 20X the points on the value of the coupon. For example if you had a coupon for 3000 Points When you buy Pampers and a Coupon for 2000 Points and a coupon for 1000 points and a coupon for 500 points for a total of 6500 points (The 6500 Points from the coupons would show on the receipt separate + the 20X the points on the regular cost of the products!

This is just a basic to see the True benefits and Rewards of the 20 X the Points! More Coming soon!

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