UPDATED!!! NOW IN APP FORM !! Nielsen has opened up all quotas!!! #Nielsen #App

My First Hand Experience:

I have been using the App for a few months now and I can honestly say I am glad I signed up. When I come home from getting groceries, I simply scan all the codes quickly with my phone and that’s it. No time at all. In the few months I have been using it, I have gained lots of points. I have received most of my points via scanning items I buy but I also earned some with some sort survey’s via email. I received a letter (real letter, not email) to say during the summer we would earn bonus points just for being active as they know it is a busy time of year. There are tons of things you can redeem your points for however I will be waiting for a while. I like the immediate bonus I have been receiving in the mail each month. Each month I receive a $15 pre paid visa just for being active.

Great way to earn some extra cash, get free stuff 🙂 Very pleased I joined.

UPDATED!!! Nielsen  has opened up all quotas!!! If you tried to qualify before and were refused This is the time to apply! ALL QUOTAS OPEN for LIMITED TIME!!

The Nielsen Company invites you to make your purchases speak for hundreds of consumers just like you!  Participation is easy. Membership is rewarding. You can make a difference, earn points toward gifts and take part in the monthly sweepstakes! Our gift catalogue offers a variety of items there is something for everyone! Your participation is voluntary and completely confidential and there’s never any cost to you.

Click here to register before all the spots are filled!!

Published on: Jan 27, 2017 @ 00:14

I have enjoyed this program as you can see for over a year as you can tell I am still a member. I still am getting a $15 pre paid credit card each month PLUS earning points.  I have not redeemed yet only because I am saving for something 🙂

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