Use Discounts to lessen the Price on Family Night Out!

IMG_2642IMG_2646Supper Tonight 🙂

The plan was simple! It was 32 here in Truro and Cooking was not on our menu! I had one of these Peeler Discount cards that are often sold as fundraisers so I thought hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why not go out for a meal and no need to cook in the heat!!

After a brief discussion the decision was made that Roy & I wanted the Pan Fried Haddock and we would go to the Big Stop as Devyn enjoyed seeing the “Big Trucks”. We got there as was quickly greeted by our waitress Shelly who was sweet as could be IMG_2635who quickly got Devyn a booster seat and something to color. IMG_2637







I showed our waitress our Bogo Coupon (as per the details on the peeler booklet) and she said Thank you and asked how we wanted our potatoes (we got one mashed and one fries). She informed us that it was Wednesday so the kids would eat free! IMG_2636

When our waitress asked how things were Devyn indicated they were very good 🙂 BUT why did she have no colors??

IMG_2638We shared our “colors” with her but as the waitress agreed she did have a valid point! Why did our meals have veggies and the kids not have any veggies?? I have no idea where Devyn puts it. Most of her fries are in a doggie bag she brought home!

IMG_2640LOVED that there was chocolate she did!! 🙂


We had a lovely meal with a lovely waitress and she brought our bill 🙂IMG_2641

WHOOH! Amazing Bill!

Now……………. here is when it turns crazy! Not with our waitress but here comes another waitress. I saw no reason for her even coming over except for to be nosy to find out how much the tip would be…………. She literately began to YELL at me. Shouting You can’t do that!! Why do you people think you can do that! (I had NO clue what she was talking about but I did know it was NOT appropriate even a little bit and my patience was going quick!!)

Once she was done her tangent (Btw she was upset we had a Bogo coupon & came on a Kids Eat Free Night – I honestly thought Kids eat free was Tuesday, we were going there for the Peeler BOGO; kids eating free was just a bonus).

Our poor waitress was soooooooooooooooo apologetic ! We gave her a nice tip 🙂 My daughter Ty who was standing beside me when this happened. Noted the “rude” staffs name and we will be calling the manager tomorrow! Totally unprofessional!!

Moral of the post is lol You can have a nice meal out if you call local restaurants for Kids eat free or if you see people with fundraisers for peeler sticker coupons; They are Amazing Deals!! If someone is unprofessional; ensure someone knows as it can’t get fixed if no one knows its happening!!!!!



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