Want Free stuff? Wanna spread the word? Did you know you could be getting Perks!!

Are you an Influencer and signed up to KLOUT!? You may be missing lots of Perks 🙂

Here are some of the perks I have received this year ! For FREE 🙂

Give people K+ (means they know there stuff). Have Facebook or Twitter? That’s all you need!

KloutKlout Perks are exclusive products or experiences you earn based on your Klout. Perks enable brands to connect with influencers in their area of expertise. As an influencer, you get first access to Perks you can share with your friends and audience. Influencers have taken a new Audi for a weekend-long test drive, gone with their kids to an early screening of a Disney movie, and brought home new HP laptops loaded with films.

Why not give me a K+ on coupons if you think I may know a bit about that 🙂

Sign up for free and get PERKS TOO ~ sometimes even to share with friends too~

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