We got a sneak peek inside from a confidential source :)

PC Optimum Points – February 1st – What to expect!


We got a sneak peek inside from a confidential source 🙂

If you have the apps: The app should update overnight for roll out on the 1st if they have automatic updates on your device. If you do not have automatic updates on, for example if you have an iphone check the the app store for your updates. You will need to sign in, re register and than manually add your cards. The process is very straight forward.

If you want a physical card, go into SuperStore hand over the old card and card and get their new one and the merge is done at the register, go to Shoppers Drug Mart give them your old shoppers card and new PC Optimum card and the merge is done at the register. Or vise versa (You can go to Shoppers first). You can have full use of your card without registering in online HOWEVER if you loose our card your out of luck and loose your points. If possible register your card online for your protection.

Some offers will be specific to one store, some use anywhere, and new formats are coming like “complete 4  X $100 shops in 6 weeks for points”, and 50% bonus point on offers for PC Master Card holders (at all times, assuming they pay with their card)

Offers for the first three weeks will be pretty standardized – MORE standard offers than normal should be presented to make up for this, but personalized offers will take a few weeks to kick in as it’s an entirely new system.


Their official site you can find by visiting here

If you have any questions, Please ask, I will do my best to find out 🙂 Thanks for keeping us informed 🙂

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