We Trust Sailun Winter Tires to Keep our Family Safe on Winter Roads – Your Chance to #TrustSailun on your vehicle #Giveaway


Sailun Winter Tires – Where Safety of your Family is Paramount !

Fall is in full swing as the leaves fall off the trees, the crisp cool weather approaches us; it’s time for the snow to start rolling on the east coast. Frost is on the window as your heat up the car in the morning and it’s not uncommon for the roads to have touches of ice all ready.


snowfallTruroLiving in Nova Scotia right on the Atlantic Ocean, the cold breeze and moisture gravitates to our roads. Winter tires are a must on this part of the coast for safe driving. Living in the hub of Nova Scotia, in Truro the wind and weather that come directly up the Bay of Fundy making weather very unpredictable; you can go from clear roads to a snow fill road into the middle of a blizzard in seconds. Nova Scotia is surrounded by water ensuring our air and humidity carries the coldest of the coast. The Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world loves to shove Ice & Snow directly onto the mainland. Our mountain ranges create some unpredictable weather from one kilometer to the next. Creating thick clouds of fog that can make sudden stopping a must. The amount of rain and long stretches of straight highway throughout our rural province can make hydro planing our the highways treacherous!  Safely of our family is paramount! 1374887_10153405434930078_2001633599_n


If the weather in this part of the country is not enough reasons to ensure you have the best tires, playing dodge the wildlife on our highways can be a dangerous game. In order to keep your family safe you need to ensure you have the best possible grip, traction and stopping power.

Roy found this out first hand last winter while driving our pregnant daughter back from a visit with her grandfather. The weather changed on a dime, the fog go thick, the snow plumed down and all of a sudden the fog cleared. OH NO! There was a car less than 10 feet from Roy and Becca on the WRONG side of the road heading right for them (Here in Nova Scotia not all our highways are doubled which makes winter driving extra dangerous). Thankfully we had invested in winter tires which allowed a head on collusion to become less of an impact accident with the ability to stop quick without sliding on snow packed roads. Fortunately there were no life threatening injuries however if we weren’t convinced before we were now that winter tires are a MUST for family safety!


Handling, stopping power, noise and gas consumption are the things I like to know about tires when making my decision on the best fit for our family. We tend to get record snow fall amounts and it doesn’t take long for that snow to pack into the groves of all seasons tires making them like banana peels that why we always choose Winter Tires I love how quiet the tires are; you would never know you had winter tires on. Sailun Tires received the PTPA  (Parent Tested – Parent Approved) Seal and it’s not hard to see why so many unbiasd parent testers awarded Sailun Tires the Seal! It’s the ONLY Tire’s that did!


1383778_10200640630287420_554894384_nIt was bright and sunny yesterday when we packed up the baby and headed to over Mount Thom; it didn’t take long for it to seem like we drove into another dimension, we got attacked by ice pellets and the once try road was not wet and greasy; with the temperature quite low it didn’t take long for those roads to get slick looking! It quickly changed and the highway was flooded with water and cars were all over the highway; well except for us. Our Sailun tires due to their excellent thread design makes driving on the road in these dangerous weather conditions, no difference in handling that if the road had been dry. We continued on our journey knowing that regardless of the weather; we were prepared to arrive safe!






Sailun IceBlazers available:

vchannelThe Ice Blazer WST1

The Ice Blazer WST1 is a studdable winter tire designed for drivers that demand maximum traction in severe weather conditions, letting you outperform the elements, so you can get more out of your winter. Compound recipe: • Green technology: Extensive use of enviro-friendly materials that meet European REACH requirements. • Specially formulated compound and polymer blends keep the rubber flexible for maximum performance in extreme temperatures improving safety and handling in Northern winter conditions, designated with the Severe Service Emblem. • Specially blended Silica-Reinforced Formula for excellent grip performance in low temperatures.



The Ice Blazer WST2

The WSL2 is a studless performance winter tires providing excellent slush, snow, and wet traction in cold climate conditions, while delivering a quiet and comfortable ride on dry roads. • Green technology: Extensive use of enviro-friendly materials that meet European REACH requirements. • Specially formulated compounds and advanced dispersion technology keeps rubber flexible for maximum performance in extreme cold temperatures improving safety and handling in Northern winter conditions.


The Ice Blazer WST2

A studdable winter tire designed for light trucks, the WST2 LT allows you to tackle the toughest on- and off-road conditions with snow, ice or mud terrains while maintaining maximum traction. • Green technology: Extensive use of enviro-friendly materials that meet European REACH requirements. • Specially formulated LT compound and polymer blends keep rubber flexible for maximum performance in extreme temperatures improving safety and handling in Northern winter conditions (designated with the Severe Service Emblem). • Specially blended Silica-Reinforced Formula for excellent grip performance in low temperatures.

To learn more about Sailun Tires visit  Sailun Tires on Facebook, Twitter and their Website.

To keep on top of the latest and greatest products for parents visit PTPA to see what’s earned the Seal!

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  1. My husband will check all the fluids and top them up if needed, he checked the oil and see if it needs to be change. We keep blankets, hats, mitts in the car incase we get stuck or brake down. Check all the tire pressures and have a snow brush in the car.

  2. Switch to winter tires and get our mechanic to change/ top up all the fluids. We also dig out the snow brushes/ice scrapers and check our emergency kit. We need new winter tires this year so this would be a great win for us!!

  3. oil change, and winter tires, …but this year, although we need new winter tires on the truck, finances say no

  4. My hubby does the following: Tire pressure is adjust, spare tire is checked, get an oil change, fluids topped up, snow brush with scraper, ensure gas tank never goes below 1/4- 1/2 full, emergency kit, blankets, candle & matches.

  5. I leave it in the hands of my mechanic. I have the tires changes before the temperature dips and I drive more carefully.

  6. we have an emergency kit in the car, always a good thing to have when you have children…as for the car, i leave all that good stuff up to my hubby…

  7. Get the car oiled and all checked to make sure everything is running right. Wipers are always changed… Never snow tires though, so this would rock!

  8. I always bring my car to the dealership and they tell me what I need and when 😀 Winter tires I know are a number one requirement

  9. Really important to have good tires and winter ones living in Atlantic Canada!!! Fingers crossed that my family is blessed with a win like this!! Many thanks for the opportunity!!

  10. Getting ready for winter…involves cleaning the car out, getting the washer fluid changed out to the winter stuff, getting the car coated and ready for the salty roads..changing out the tires, finding the snow scrapers , packing the extra clothes bag with warm clothes candles,extra mittens and hats and granola bars, kitty litter and making sure the phone charger is in the car! Better safe then sorry!

  11. Getting ready for my Canadian winters includes changing to snow tires, checking my wipers and making sure I have a safety kit. New snow tires sure would be spectacular!

  12. You should always change your tires in winter and summer. Don’t forget your oil change and top up all fluids.

  13. I get my car ready for winter by making sure the oil is changed and my winter tire are put on my car so we stay safe.

  14. There is no luxury for this single mom to get any massive overhaul to get my vehicle winter ready. I do check to see what needs repair like eindsheild wipers and that goes on my Christmas list.I get an oil change by buying the stuff and having a qualified family member change it..Tires, I wish ,this would be great thank you for chance.

  15. I always make sure to have a small shovel, jug of winter washer fluid, extra blankets, an emergency kit, scraper & snacks in case we get stuck. You never know when you or someone else might need it!

  16. winter tires, shovel in the car , window scraper in the car , always leave mittens or gloves in there too .

  17. i get my winter tires on and have all my car looked over, top up any thing that need to be done and make sure i have a shovel, and candles and my first aid full… and try to keep my gas 1/2 full at all times…be safe all and have a good winter.

  18. I do an oil change, change wipers, fill windshield wiper fluid up, check emergency kit. Make sure spare is ready, put snow brush in the car!

  19. Just took our truck in for safety inspection 6 months early and all past so good to go.
    Would really like to win new tires for the truck though…

  20. Lots of hills in NB so winter tires is a must. I also change the fluids and wiper blades.
    I desperately need a set of winter tires for my car, winning these would be so amazing!

  21. We switch from All Seasons to winters, and I make sure there is a scraper in the car, and emergency supplies in the trunk.

  22. I make sure everything is topped up and always keep an extra blanket and emergency kit in the trunk with candles. And I make sure to drive very carefully and slow when there is bad weather!

  23. I would love to be able to give a pair of winter tires to my grandmother who needs them !! *fingers crossed*

  24. Winter fluids,blankets,scrapers,and a bag of salt in the trunk,Oh and some bottled water and snacks and a candle just in case.Really could use some new tires though! Good luck all 🙂

  25. My husband does any and all maintenance but I like to detail the car for him. I get my steam cleaner and clean the seats and carpeting, then go over the rest of the car. I don’t mind spending a few hours on it. It smells so much better and it almost feels like a new car!

  26. I really need my tires to do the right job since I am on the highway between Truro and Amherst 1-2 times a week, plus traveling down the Parrsboro shore once a week. I need road huggers and these look like they fit the role.

  27. I get my oil changed and all my fluids topped up. I also make sure my tires winter tires are on and that my car has a safety inspection just to make sure.

  28. I ask hubby to get the winter wiper blades & winter windshield washer fluid. I want studded winter tires so I can get the car up our inclined driveway & our city has lots of streets that are hilly. Hubby says no to studded tires, but I want me & our kids to be safe in the car this winter.

  29. We try to have good tires on the vehicles for winter, as we have 2, and this is the first year I have had winter tires on my car, but hubby has all seasons, so we could certainly use a new set of winter tires for the 2nd vehicle! Thanks!

  30. Our vehical get the windshield washer fluid changed to winterized, we put snow tires on and that is about it besides regular maintenance.

  31. Same vehicle maintenance as always, use winter washer fluid instead. Put an emergency kit and shovel and ice scraper in the car.

  32. This is such an amazing prize! My car need work to pass inspection this winter and my tires are all season and in bad shape. Our family could use this so much!! 🙂

  33. My husband takes care of the winterizing of all our vehicles. Undercoating, tire chang overs etc. But this is the last year I will get out of my winters, and I’m pushing it…..I do a lot of travel, and my winters are in need of replacement!

  34. We put our winter tires on somewhat early because you never now when the first storm will hit here in NS. We also check all of the fluids and change where needed.

  35. Would love to win these for my husbands new vehicle. I have studded winter tires for my car but we are currently shopping for winters for his.

  36. Coolant test, flush and fill washer fluid with winter wash, undercoat, change over to winter tires, pack a bag of mitts scarves,hats and a blanket in the trunk, check wiper blades

  37. We make sure that there is a good snow brush in the van, as well as blankets just in case we broke down and had to keep warm. We don’t have snow tires, so this would be great to win.

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