What is a rain check? Learn how to let Rain Checks benefit you !

raincheckRain Check


What is a rain check? A rain check is a form the store fills out when they run out of a product they have in the flyer before the end of the special that allows you to buy the product at the sale price when the item comes in. Rain checks are valid for 30 days and can range from the amount of one to six depending on the store.

There are various reasons to get a rain check:

  • You NEED the item now and there are none left.
  • You WANT to stockpile a great deal and they have none left.

**If the product has bonus Air Miles associated with it; ensure they have that included on the slip 🙂


Great Example: This week Giant Tiger had  Voltaren on sale, at the discount of 50% off you can image it was a hot hot item selling everywhere!! There are tons of coupons out there too making this even Free in some cases! All that was required of me was to ask for a rain check and I was issued one for 4. When that item comes in I will be able to purchase 4 of them at the sale price shown in the flyer. The rain check will be valid for 30 days; so as long as I go back to Giant Tiger and take the rain check with me. I can use coupons too as long as the coupons are still valid 🙂


Stockpile savings tip: Even if you don’t need the HOT sales item THIS week! Ask for a rain check anyways! Remember they are valid for 30 days! You can grab a rain check and who knows if there isn’t coupons out for it now; there may be coupons or even mail in rebates for that product within the next 30 days that were not available to start with. It’s always great to go the day before the sale ends if your hoping they ran out of a product to get a rain check on 🙂

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