What is First Taste Canada? Earn Points for Sharing Recipes, Reviewing Foods! Kraft :)


What is First Taste Canada?


At Kraft Foods, we’re all about making life delicious. We love sharing what we’re cooking up with our fans, and we love hearing what they’re doing in the kitchen and wherever they gather for meals and memories. That’s why we created Kraft Canada First Taste: To make it even more fun and rewarding to interact with fellow food lovers while also enjoying exclusive, early access to new recipes, products, flavors, and ideas from our Kraft Kitchens experts


Earn redeemable points for all kinds of actions:

  • trying and rating products
  • making and bookmarking recipes
  • writing and commenting on blogs
  • sharing with other members,
  • friends and family on social networks and by email.


Point values range from 10,000 points for registering to 40 points for writing a blog post


The more you do on First Taste, the more points you’ll earn!


Redeem those points for cool rewards such as product coupons, kitchen gear, and colorful designs to dress up your personal First Taste kitchen pages.

You’ll also earn badges and trophies to celebrate all the great things you do on First Taste. You can show them off on your First Taste pages, and ping your social networks about them, too. We also have entertaining “challenges” that reward you with bonus points and badges for doing things like creating your first cookbook, getting accolades from fellow members, or trying out a new product a recipe. Make First Taste your first stop for all things delicious. Collect favorite recipes, create cookbooks, invite your friends and family over, and be first in line for all the rewards of community, cooking, and discovery



Examples of Challenges:


about this challenge Up to 350 Points!

Halloween recipes are fun to make and even more fun to decorate. It’s all about the presentation. Share your spookiest, kookiest, ghouliest ideas for this limited-time challenge. For more inspiration, visit the Halloween Centre on KraftCanada.com

to complete this challenge

  1. 1Post your favourite Halloween recipes in the Recipes section under “Haunted Halloween”.
  2. 2Upload a picture of your creation…or your family and friends gobbling it up!
  3. 3Complete by November 2, 2013





Here are some cool things you can redeem points !

FT_Rewards_BowlSet_thumb Jello_BrainMold_thumb  Often they have great offers to redeem for Coupons! Click Each word to see the posts on previous Coupon Offers!  Kraft Singles, Philly Cream Cheese Kraft Shredded Cheese







Kraft First is also home of Sampilicious! You can score Amazing Deals at various time of the year for a super low price! Click Here to see the most recent one!



Click Here to see the Post Coupon Nannie did 🙂 Don’t forget to register for free 🙂 Add me as a friend! Let’s Rack up some Freebies!!!

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