What to Expect from the Coupon Nannie blog Moving forward !

changes Update Time !

It’s been a roller coaster of a coupon of weeks here at Coupon Nannie and we thank you again for being so wonderful and supportive. It was your support that has kept us Smiling !

We have had to use what tools we had until we got sorted out! A month ago if you asked me how to do all this widget, plug in, etc stuff I would have no clue, Glenna either πŸ™ Due to some amazing people who want to remain nameless πŸ™‚ wow the stuff we have learned. We have added lots of behind the scene stuff to make finding things easier and to save you time!

What you can expect from the Coupon Nannie moving forward and the “plan of attack” for lack of a better word!

  • Coupon Nannie blog will continue to add additional content ~ Policies for all the stores, Easy sections to find coupons and recap of coupons without searching, Lots of Great stuff
  • Content on Coupon Nannie will be, Coupons, Coupon Match Ups, Freebies, Giveaways, How to coupon, loyalty programs such as Air Miles, Optimum Points……. You know couponing and saving money stuff !
  • Our Facebook page will have flash giveaways, Great alerts I find when out with my phone ! Facebook only contests, giveaways – often brands and sponsors have their own thing going on in the Facebook word and our only option is to hit the share button to make sure your aware. So being a fan on our page keeps you in the loop !
  • Our Twitter Account TheCouponNannieΒ  is a Fresh new account; unfortunately I was not able to get access to the old Coupon Nannie twitter account but that’s ok…….. Follow us on the new one ! Dana, that’s me, will be managing the CouponNannie twitter account !
  • Post Names- To make life easier for all of us πŸ™‚ You’ll see posts from 2 Admins πŸ™‚ The posts by author CouponNannie on this blog will be written by Dana and the posts authored by CanadianBasics on this blog will be written by Glenna πŸ™‚ That way too if you have questions about a particular post you’ll know who may have the most info πŸ™‚
  • Our Pinterest boards I’ll have all up in the next few weeks!

Our Facebook Party is our first step and re intro to Coupon Nannie for all of us, fans, sponsors, everyone!

You’ll notice we’ll be adding more and more sponsors and updating prizes as we get closer (and sometimes the names you don’t see yet are the best surprises)Β  Click here to check it out !

Now that we have both blogs up, You will see a clear separation between the 2 sites! Two very different but two very relevant blogs I’m sure you’ll enjoy. If your on the different site or facebook page you’ll have different content ! We are working on getting all that sorted over the weekend (our goal)


Hope this helps clear things up πŸ™‚ Thank you again for your Support ! Hang on Tight fans it’s time for us to SAVE SOME CASH CANADA WIDE!!!

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