What would you do to feed your children? – A Walk in Another Shoes!

feedThinking outside your own experiences! Often we get wrapped up in our own lives, information from media and prejudices. While none are intentional or meant in harm; often we need a reminder.

I often see people quick to jump when they see coupons for sale on ebay, samples of formula for sale on Kijjii and most recently there was quite alot say when Tim Horton’s had the Tassimo and disk deal and were selling Tassimo disks or machines on Kijjii for a profit. People were upset.

What would you do to feed your children?

We want everyone to be law abiding citizens but yet we judge those same people who do what they can to provide for their family. Did you know; for example where I live a single month on social assistance qualifies for approx $600 per month for housing. Above and beyond that is less than $300 per month!! They no longer receive additional funds for the children for food as they did a few years ago; they are to rely on their family allowance (apparently there was a huge increase to offset the amount community services would give; according to media however it didn’t seem to transfer to checks) That $300 has to cover all utilities, phone, internet, gas, transportation, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, prescriptions, laundry, clothes, school fees, groceries, miscellaneous.

Many are under the misconception that those on “welfare” get free medical etc. There is a $5 co pay. That may not seem like much however if your budget for the entire week is for 2 people is $50 and your child gets a cold and ear infection and needs 2 prescriptions. There is $40 left in your weekly grocery budget and chances are before you went to the doctor over the counter meds were tried so lets be real there is $30 left in your grocery budget. If you didn’t have a car…. cab? gas money to a neighbor? bus?

What would you do? If your child needed a perscription that cost $5 what would you do to get that money? If you had a can of Similac that you child wouldn’t use would you put it up on Kijjii to sell? If you knew Tim Hortons had a promo and you could make a quick $20 because you were in the right place at the right time would you? If you neighbors that were trying to help you out by giving you all their coupons and you cut them out and posted them on ebay to add to their grocery budget?

While many of us are fortunate enough not to worry where we are getting food to feed our children at supper time; there are many people avoiding answerer their door right now as they know their landlord is looking for them to pay rent. There are people who do what they have to do to feed their kids without breaking the law. Think about .what would you do before we judge too harshly 🙂



  1. How wonderfully thoughtful. People are so quick to judge, especially the people that have not walked a mile in those particular shoes. I was a single mom for many years. I held down two jobs, and after my daycare expenses, I made less than a mom on social assistance. And honestly, it doesn’t look like it has gotten any easier over the last three decades.
    Instead of giving a struggling mom an attitude, give her a break. Randomly buy her a bag of groceries. Give her some coupons. At the very least, give her a smile and tell her how much you admire what she is able to accomplish.
    The more you have, the more you should consider giving back.

  2. Love this article, so many people think living on welfare is a free ride, it doesn’t feel that way to me! I have a mental illness that makes me anxious and depressed so right now I have no choice but to be on it, we struggle monthly and right now we’re down to our last few diapers and no idea how to get any! It’s a vicious cycle when you are on it, it makes you feel rotten and then when you struggle to feed/diaper your kids it makes you feel like a failure 🙁

    1. Many of us are guilty in points of our life of not considering how others live. Sometimes we just need a reminder or some education on other areas. Many people struggle from mental illness; it’s very scary and misunderstood 🙁 If we don’t see a band aid we often make the misjudgement someone is not ill. When you do whatever you can and put your kids first, especially when it’s not easy, doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you a strong parent, a role model to your child, it makes you real. It’s not easy to crawl out of that hole…..but YOU can do it. If you run into troubles with diaper, try contacting a local church; often they have emergency funds. If you need assistance figuring out a budget, sorting stuff out. Feel free to email me personally at CouponNannie @ Eastlink.ca (no spaces) I’ll be happy to do what I can to assist you. It gets better 🙂

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